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  • A wonderful light crystal malt from maltster Thomas Fawcett.
  • Gives beers a pale golden/orange colour with sweet malt flavours, as well as enhances body and mouthfeel.
  • Perfect for use as a specialty malt in a range of beers, from blonde ales to stouts!


Crystal Malt from maltster Thomas Fawcett is a wonderful specialty malt to add sweetness and body to your next beer! This light crystal malt contributes a light golden colour to beer. It also influences flavour and aroma, with sweet, malty flavours and aromas with toffee flavours. This specialty malt is perfect for use in beers to add residual malty sweetness and increase body and head retention. A wonderful crystal malt from a well-known and long trusted maltster!



Colour: 10 - 12L
Protein: < 11.6%
Moisture: < 7.0%
Extract: > 70.0%
Usage: Up to 10%
Typical Styles: Pale ales, IPAs, ambers, browns, milds, porters, stouts and Belgian ales
Country of Origin: U.K.