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Golden Promise

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Scotland's version of Maris Otter, this rich base malt has a wonderful flavour and aroma, with a hint of sweetness.


Golden Promise is an early maturing spring barley grown in Scotland. It is basically the Scottish equivalent to Maris Otter and has many similar applications. It is often used by brewers to replicate classic Scottish ales, to wonderful effect. Its flavour is often described as being clean and slightly sweet, almost honeylike. Because of this, it makes a great base for pale ales and IPAs, among other styles. It can also be used as the base  in making almost all British style ales, and many hoppy American style beers as well. A wonderful grain with a world of potential!


Colour: 2.1 - 2.8L
Protein: 9.1
Moisture: 0.035
Extract: 0.81
Diastatic Power: 58
Usage: up to 100%
Country of Origin: U.K.