Bulldog Pouch Home Brew Kit Instructions


1. Clean and sterilise all equipment with a homebrew cleaner/steriliser.

2. Remove yeast sachet underneath, then stand bag in hot water for 15 minutes.

3. Dissolve 1.3 kg of sugar in 2-3L hot water. Add to fermenter.

4. Empty malt extract into fermenter, rinse out with hot water and add to fermenter as well.

5. Top up fermenter to 23L using a mix of hot and cold tap water so final temperature is 20-25C. Mix well, add yeast.

6. Fit a water filled airlock to your fermenter and leave 10 days at 20-25C. Place the fermenter in a safe place in case of a leak.

7. After 10 days, check hydrometer reading. If 1007 or less, proceed to bottling/kegging. If above 1007, wait another few days.


Siphon your beer into a sterilised keg. Add 120g sugar, place warm for two weeks then move to a cooler place for clearing.


1. Use only well cleaned and sterilised bottles, proper beer bottles with either flip-top or crown cap, or PET bottles with screw cap.

2. Add a teaspoon of sugar per 500ml bottle and seal.

3. Leave warm for two weeks then move to a cool place for clearing.

Please note: The information in these instructions are not owned by BrewCo, and are obtained from suppliers of the kits.