Geordie Beer Kit Instructions


Brewing is a four stage process; first you make a wort, second you allow fermentation, third you bottle and finally let your beer mature. IT IS ESSENTIAL that all your equipment is CLEAN. Use a sterilising solution. Useful extra equipment, besides the essential 5 gallon plastic container, plastic tube and bottles, a hydrometer to tell you when fermentation has stopped and a syphon tube with a ‘u’ bend to help you avoid disturbing sediment.


The wort is the mix of the natural ingredients from which you brew. Empty the contents of the can into the plastic container and add 1kg of sugar. Stir in four pints of boiling water until the mixture has dissolved.

Now add the rest of the water (36 pints for a 40 pint kit or 26 pint for a 30 pint kit), which should be cold this time so that you get a lukewarm solution (temperature 65°-75°F/ 18°-24°C).


Sprinkle the contents of the yeast sachet on the brew and stir in. Cover and allow to ferment at room temperature (temperature 65°-75°F/ 18°-24°C). It is important to take hydrometer readings every day and bottle once the specific gravity has been at or below 1.005 for two days. Note: Fermentation time is about a week but will be longer in cold weather.


Put ½ a level teaspoon of sugar per pint into each bottle. Without disturbing sediment, syphon off beer into bottles, leaving 1½ inches of space at the neck. Screw or press caps on tightly and shake to dissolve sugar. Remember non-reusable bottles are not suitable. If using a 5 gallon pressure barrel, put 2½ oz of sugar for a 40 pint kit, dissolved in about a pint of your beer, then syphon in the remainder (for 30 pint kits only use 2oz of sugar).


Store at room temperature for 4 days, then put in a cool place for at least 10 days, to mature and clear (3-4 weeks for barrels). The beer will continue to improve for some time after this vital 10 days, so further patience will be rewarded.


The secondary fermentation in the bottle causes a small deposit to form, so remove the caps quickly and smoothly, and then pour carefully into a large jug, leaving the sediment undisturbed in the bottle. In hot weather this is more easily accomplished if you’ve chilled your beer for up to two hours before serving.

Please note: The information in these instructions are not owned by BrewCo, and are obtained from suppliers of the kits.